The 10 Stagesof Stock Market Mastery

The methodology we trade and teach is based around 10 stages, the essential foundations necessary to achieve Stock Market Mastery.

Your Roadmap
to Success

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your exact financial standing and focusing on asset protection before asset growth.
Instituting the proper tools, technology and software to bring a level of organized professionalism to your investing.
Learning about the psychology of a successful trader's mind and gaining control over the emotional components involved in trading the markets.
Adopting a telescope to microscope perspective to gain a complete picture of the market's present actions and identify the highest-probability trades.
Keeping a personal trading journal, crafting an annual plan, and embracing daily, weekly, and monthly checklists and essential portfolio routines.
Using the Sisters Strategy and implementing your written investment methodology to sift through the noise and find your next promising trade.
Using specific buying strategies and money management rules to pull the trigger and purchase a new security.
Staying true to your investor self while remaining disciplined and engaged as you diligently monitor the performance of your investments.
Executing the pre-determined sell flag checklists and the Sisters Strategy to determine the best time to exit out of your positions.
Reviewing your trading journal, refining your tools to maximize the effectiveness of your methodology, and evaluating your emotional performance.

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