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Tensile Trading
The 10 Essential Stages of Stock Market Mastery

Tensile Trading provides a complete, step-by-step roadmap for investors of all levels, and coaches them on how best to organize the routines and strategies necessary to identify the market's strongest trading opportunities. History is proof that true mastery of the market begins with basic money management protocols, asset protection policies, and organized analysis techniques. With these crucial foundations in place, you can embrace a proven investment methodology, execute an effective trading plan, and develop a reliable system for profitable investing.

Consistent, long-run investing success is a result of well-defined goals, carefully-constructed routines and an accurate understanding of the psychological challenges that all investors face. A clear and proven approach easily tailored to fit your specific investing style, Tensile Trading is designed to provide a comprehensive structure to your financial management efforts—helping you make smarter investment decisions, trade more efficiently, and consistently earn greater returns.

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Trading for Dummies
4th Edition

Trade your way to a more profitable portfolio

Savvy traders can make money in both up and down markets - and now you can, too! In Trading For Dummies, investors from every walk of life will benefit from sample stock charts, position trading tips and techniques, fresh ways to analyze trends and indicators, and all the latest information on trading stocks wisely in any type of market.

Taking the stress out of the stock market, this no-nonsense guide walks you through all the steps to trade with authority - and takes your portfolio to exciting new heights. Whether you're an investor looking for a clear guide to successfully trading stocks in any type of market, or an investor who has experience trading and are looking for new, proven methods to enhance the profitability of investments, you'll find a proven system for eliminating doubt, decreasing risk, and, ultimately, increasing return.

DVD Seminar

How to Master Your Asset Allocation Profile

Academic studies have proven that over 90% of our performance as investors is determined by our asset allocation choices. This high-leverage seminar explains the routines and tools necessary to construct your best possible personal portfolio of diversified asset classes and achieve superior long-term returns through all types of business cycles. It teaches you how to match your personality, financial goals, and investing style to an appropriate asset allocated portfolio. Learn how to build a diversified and properly correlated portfolio that maximizes returns while minimizing costs and risk exposure.


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DVD Seminar

Tensile Trading
The 10 Essential Stages of Stock Market Mastery

Accompanying the Tensile Trading book, this 6-hour DVD seminar captures the massiveness of the stock market and deciphers it all down to 10 essential stages. It provides a complete step-by-step roadmap for novice to advanced investors that teaches how best to organize your routines and methodology to produce the most attractive high probability trades the market has to offer. It is the same vital framework Gatis has used to produce consistent stock market profits for over 25 years.


Market Analysis Tool

The Tensile Trading ChartPack
for subscribers of

Designed for subscribers of, the Tensile Trading ChartPack provides a comprehensive organizational framework to help shape your market analysis, asset allocation and portfolio management efforts, all in one convenient, pre-formatted collection of carefully-organized ChartLists.


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