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September 9th, 2017

The 25 Essential Investment Secrets I Passed On To My Son

AAII, Portland Chapter

As two accomplished individual investors and authors from different generations, Gatis and Grayson Roze will reveal the 25 money management secrets that have allowed them to achieve consistent success in the stock market at all ages. Both will share what gives them an edge in the market, and describe how you too can find yours.

They will also share their inspirational story of how a father motivated his son to take an interest in the financial markets at an early age, reveal their most valuable lessons learned from those experiences and share insights into how their story can help make you and yours better investors. We encourage attendees to bring their younger family members or investors-to-be so they have the opportunity to hear positive experiences from someone who started at a young age.

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  Portland, OR

November 18th - 19th, 2017

Investor Boot Camp

2-day Seminar

A 2-day intensive, "everything-you-need" investor training course.

Join Gatis and Grayson for this unique, in-depth investing boot camp, and take a deep dive into what it takes to succeed as an individual investor. With a small group setting of just 12 other investors, this a hands-on, personalized seminar is unlike any other financial event you've ever attended.

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  Seattle, WA

October 7, 2017

Keys to the 4 Most Consistent Sources of Profitable Investment Ideas

Bellevue College

This class exposes the 4 best sources of stock market investments based on the past 25 years of Gatis Roze career as a full-time individual investor and stock market trader. Following a mentorship methodology, Gatis will help you implement an agile mindset, describe each idea source in detail and facilitate your discovering the secrets to growing your long term personal portfolio and wealth.

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  Bellevue, WA

October 28, 2017

The 5 Best Selling Strategies for Cultivating Profitable Investing

Bellevue College

Since 2012, millions of readers of the free weekly blog “The Trader’s Journal” by Gatis Roze have consistently rated his articles on selling strategies and risk management as their favorites. This class will expose the 5 transformational techniques that provide individual investor’s the cornerstone to decisively know how and when to profitably divest within their investment portfolios.

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  Bellevue, WA
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